Remco is a former director of a chemical industry consultancy (BSc,BEc, MBA) with three children residing in Perth Western Australia. He is passionate about empowering the youth, building community and helping create a prosperous and beautiful environment.

Remco Van Santen is a former director of the chemical industry consultancy Chemlink pty ltd with degrees in science and economics, and a masters degree in business administration. Through his consultancy he has worked for state and federal governments, transnationals, and Asian countries. He has chaired conferences and been keynote speaker in Australia and Asia, a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and Chair of their Industrial Chemistry Division, Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors and on various industry boards and committees. In more recent years he has trained and practised as a personal development coach.

Today he is passionately committed to the young people who he sees as having the potential to correct the problems in the environment and live in a more satisfying way. He says- "we oldies have created the problems, it is the younger generation with the passion that can be the change we want."

He started the My Clean concept after a visit to the hill station Nainital in Uttarakhand where he was disappointed by people pointing to others as the reason for the littering and neglect. Today as a result of a one week visit in 2007, Today Nainital has a solid waste program, is cleaner and groups of women volunteers keep the spirit alive. He would have stopped there if not approached by a group of senior students seeking permission from him, as a foreigner, to take charge of the main road in Nainital and ensure it is kept clean. Touched by their passion and sensing their frustration, Remco committed to the My Clean campaign and today he spends time to support others achieve his vision of a Prosperous and Beautiful Environment through real community spirit.

In addressing schools, he hopes the students will graduate feeling proud of their school and for the teachers to feel that My Clean represents important leadership training without adding to their workload or distracting from the important core scholastic education. He has addressed more than one hundred schools with requests to return.