My Clean India promotes opportunities for action and acknowledges those that contribute to the spirit of My Clean. empowering youth in response to UN Agenda 21, Chapter 25.

My Clean India - and you

My Clean India is a network for empowering people, especially the youth. It promotes opportunities for action and acknowledges those that contribute to the spirit of My Clean. My Clean promotes a prosperous and beautiful environment created and nurtured by a supportive community. That community can be your family, friends, schools, groups, towns or cities and your opportunity, perhaps a life-changing experience, is to create leaders to inspire your community however small or large that may be.


My Clean India represents a banner and a creator of opportunity (space) for students, people and organisations to be in action and to be acknowledged for their achievements. So while My Clean creates and supports champions and an opportunity to practice leadership, your role can simply to be the wind beneath their wings, support.My Clean therefore is your opportunity to:1. Step out and find ways to inspire others in your passion.2. Discover from that experience that you will live life more joyfully and successfully!

Success Stories

  • 2 Oct 2014
    PM Modi asked citizens to make India CLEAN in just five years. He went on to say that Bapu gave us the message QUIT INDIA, CLEAN INDIA, but his Clean India dream is still unfulfilled, - I am confident that Clean India will give us as much joy as Quit India. The emphasis is on non-littering as My Clean is really about attitude, and not the symptoms of poor attitude as expressed...Read more...
  • 26 nov2010
    My Clean School Ajmer Society with Mr Suresh Mathur as Secretary declared 26 November 2010 as Clean Up Ajmer Day. More than 5,000 students made a human chain with wide ranging programs including the distribution of more than 50,000 sankalps (oaths) to undertake to keep clean. The schools network involves schools representatives of one teacher and two students... Read more...
  • 22 mar2010
    Pursuant to last year's launching of My Clean Agra campaign in more than half a dozen schools of Agra with participation of thousands of students, a discernible change was seen in many localities and specially around the monuments. The Agra Development Authority put in action a plan to spruce up and clean the area around the Taj Mahal, placed dustbins, appointed private contractor to lift the garbage..Read more...
  • 18 sep2008
    With the aim of motivating the participation of the public and shopkeepers on the 14th September 07 in Bhowali, The Himalayan Helpers, the community, school students and the cadets of the NCC, held a rally followed by a cleaning of the main temple in the market and main bazaar. A week later, posters "We discourage the use of polythene. Please do not ask for polythene bags. Please bring your own carrybags... Read more...
  • 18 Sep2008
    On September 18, Nainital celebrated Clean Up Nainital Day (CUND2008) in which more than 10 per cent of the community of Nainital undertook and took steps to a cleaning up of the town. A sensational model for waste management that began in Nainital. Mission Butterfly is a model for India for the community taking charge of its waste and rewarded by a cleaner place and lower costs.. Read more...